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We help executives build world-class businesses and high-performance teams.

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Your success is our mission

Every executive's dream is to achieve operational excellence, where your people, operations and strategy align seamlessly to deliver great results for your organisation and customers. 

This doesn't always happen. That's why we exist.


We partner with founders and C-level leaders to establish and institutionalise best practices in leadership, performance and operational excellence, from the executive level to the front lines.

Our core focus areas


 Define or refine a winning strategy. Craft strategic priorities that drive focus. Set effective goals using OKRs. Set up a strong foundation for successful execution.



Develop an effective operating system that enables excellence. Execute consistently and reliably. Deliver value to customers, partners and shareholders.



Refine your approach to talent management, by adopting a culture that nurtures the best people and enhances how they  collaborate, navigate problems and execute.



Transform how you lead yourself and others through the confusion and challenging journey of building. Get coached by an operator who has real experience leading.



Seni Sulyman, Managing Partner

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I led the team that transformed Andela from scrappy startup into the #1 best place to work in Nigeria and Africa, growing headcount by 5x and leading a team of over 1,000 people across 7 countries.


I led a team that built a world-class business airline from scratch and had planes in the sky with passengers from recognizable corporate brands, in 18 months.

I have served as a strategic advisor and coach to CEOs, senior executives and Founders.

My experience is in strategy, management, people and operations across the business lifecycle from Fortune 500 companies to high-growth startups across North America and Africa, managing multi-million dollar budgets and leading projects with multi-billion dollar impact.

My personal mission is to build world-class businesses and develop impactful leaders.

I hold an MBA from Harvard Business School & a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Northwestern University.

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